Can I download Spendable in the app store?

No! Spendable is not a native app for iPhones or Androids (yet). Rather it is what is called a web app. Basically a website that acts like an app. So you can use it on your desktop computer, your laptop, your tablet or your phone. But, it can work almost exactly like a native app, if you follow these steps:

  1. on your phone or tablet, browse to your current month view
  2. click your browsers save bookmark or send to button
  3. search for the option save to homescreen and choose it

After you've done the above steps, Spendable will appear and launch like an app from your device home screen. Note: you will have to enter your email and password again only the first time you launch Spendable from your homescreen, then it will remember you.

Is this safe and secure?

Good question! Yes! Spendable is safe and secure because it does not itself directly handle any authentication or credentials to connect you to your financial institutions. Rather, it uses a service called Plaid to securely authenticate and connect you to your bank accounts and credit cards. Click here to check out Plaid, it's a third-party service trusted by many financial apps and businesses, and you'll be able to recognize their login UI inside of Spendable whenever you connect an account.

What if there is a transaction I don't want to count against my monthly spendable?

Just click the transaction once and it will ignored. Click again to un-ignore the transaction